About us


We are a tandem of curious and crazy minds, who are never afraid of going after a challenge. Was it a business trip around the globe? Were those companies like Google, HP, Credit Suisse or AXA Insurance in need of help? We were there and we worked our experience up and broad to have bold ideas and enough experience. Now we are ready to provide our dear Delegators with the unique staking experience, first of its kind.


has been a business, marketing and financial brain behind the Dionysus operation. Once there was a 25ADA giveaway for the “winning delegator” on Twitter. He saw it and promised to do better. Miro likes to stand against the mainstream and believes in a better rewards model that could be of a great value for the Cardano community.


is a technical mastermind of the Dionysus Pool Cluster. There is no other guy who has a button for replicating pools, other button for restoring a backup and another one ready for boosting a beer fridge! Igor is the infrastructure and DevSecOps professional.

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