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Cardano is a third-generation cryptocurrency and distributed ledger network built on the cryptographic technology called blockchain. Cardano network also provides functionalities of smart contracts and de-centralized applications.

Managed Rewards Distribution

Each of Dionysus’ pools is set differently to fit the revenue and investment profile of our delegators. Go to our Pools and find a pool you like! Pool of preference can be then found and staked with via apps.

Unlike other stake pools in the ecosystem, we provide a competitive and unique way of receiving extra rewards, with factor of up to 100+ in compare with the competition.

Read our White Paper for more information about Managed Rewards Distribution.

Cardano in a nutshell

Cardano network is the the home of the same named crypto-currency, traded under symbol ADA. Main features of Cardano are scalabilityinteroperability and sustainability (more info on ADA name has been taken after Ada Lovelace, daughter of the Lord Byron. Ada Lovelace was pronounced as the first computer programmer back in the 19th century.

Staking & Rewards

Cardano uses a proof-of-stake mechanism on the unique protocol, called Ouroboros. Unlike other proof-of-work cruptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum,…) Cardano doesn’t need to have a significant hash power. Blocks are minted based on the total amount of ADA delegated with the stake pool.

Ownership of ADA is proven and rewarded in the process called Staking. ADA owners select the stake pool of their preference and enjoy receiving rewards every 5 days.


Wallets usage is strongly recommended by the cardano community as the only instruments for storing and managing investor’s ADA. It is recommended not to keep ADA on exchanges, due to the risk of funds loss.

Wallets remain under full control of their owners.

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