Terms of use


Operators (the “Providers”) of the Dionysus Cardano Stake Pools Group (the “Dionysus Pool Cluster”), localised by the DIOx tickers, where x is represented by a positive integer that may or may not follow the ticker, and stake pool delegators (the “Delegators) are individually or collectively referred to as “Party/-ies”,

WHEREAS, Providers are owners, operators and service suppliers of the stake pools within Dionysus Pool Cluster, as internally organized, entitled and granted with functions by the confidential partner agreement from the October 03, 2021, framed in Thalwil, Switzerland, and

WHEREAS, Delegator is a private entity, the Cardano assets holder and the delegator of the Cardano native cryptocurrency ADA, who stakes their assets with the Dionysus Cardano Stake Pools Group.

The Parties intend to enter to the Cardano staking relationship that is defined and limited by the following provisions and amendments. The agreement is effective upon the date specified in the orderly form of the date presented on the staking certificate, bounding Providers and Delegators, and that is publicly available on the https://explorer.cardano.org. Validation equals the period of the staking relationship, resp. till the amount of Delegator’s ADA is un-staked and till the staking key is destroyed by the Delegator.

Content of this document has been approved by the Providers on 5th November 2021.

1. Purpose

This “Terms of Use” document serves as a reference of rights, processes, obligations, agreements and information shared between Providers and Delegators.

2. Definition

  1. Managed Rewards Distribution – the classical Ouroboros system is enhanced with re-delegated rewards, that are being sent to a selected individual per pool per epoch. Such selection is determined via:
    1. Smart contract – The 2022+ Scenario – preferred way of selecting qualified Delegator who receives extra rewards.
    2. Pool script – Current Scenario – same as a smart contract scenario, but calculated on the location of the stake pool.
  2. Collective agreement to Managed Rewards Distribution – Parties agree to task Providers with rewards distribution and to use the margin fee called “Margin for Rewards Distribution” (viz 3. Stake pool Settings) for the extra rewards being sent to one of pool delegators per epoch.
  3. Distribution Levels – apply between basic Ouroboros distribution based on the stake size and pool conditions and on selection of the Delegator.

3. Stake Pool settings

 I want to have a balanced stake!
Ticker: DIO Ticker Calculator
Pool ID: 3d8103dd2ad0838d985a3fc00277c55da15279088f3b1dc11dd814ce
Fixed Fee: 500 ADA
Margin (pool): 3 % of the rewards margin
Margin for Rewards Distribution: 50 %
Ouroboros Rewards: 50 %
Pledge: 1000 ADA

 I am exposed to slightly higher one-shot rewards!
Ticker: DIO1
Pool ID: a2073a8b7a2bf6969baa44028416bf7ae919d495d3cfed787f2c3009
Fixed Fee: 500 ADA
Margin (pool): 3 % of the rewards margin
Margin for Rewards Distribution: 60 %
Ouroboros Rewards: 40 %
Pledge: 1000 ADA

I am exposed to higher one-shot rewards!
Ticker: DIO2
Pool ID: 455be4b1f2d7c6186eca6320c0c8065ddc70e33432ddac7845cbb2de
Fixed Fee: 500 ADA
Margin (pool): 3 % of the rewards margin
Margin for Rewards Distribution: 70 %
Ouroboros Rewards: 30 %
Pledge: 1000 ADA

I have an interest of getting high rewards on the cardano blockchain!
Ticker: DIO3
Pool ID: 0cd6f211429ac91cbb60bae84f30073bf629dde45603aebb2cfb6c84
Fixed Fee: 500 ADA
Margin (pool): 3 % of the rewards margin
Margin for Rewards Distribution: 80 %
Ouroboros Rewards: 20 %
Pledge: 1000 ADA

I am a  competitive delegator with interest of getting highest rewards on the cardano blockchain!
Ticker: DIO4
Pool ID: bcbe0b38da7d479e140ae8adb004b9b79342123e00b5a57522fd50da
Fixed Fee: 500 ADA
Margin (pool): 3 % of the rewards margin
Margin for Rewards Distribution: 100 %
Ouroboros Rewards: 0 %
Pledge: 1000 ADA

4. Delegators’ rights and obligations

  1. Delegators are honoured, respected and serviced on the time and matter capacity of their case, issue or difficulty.
  2. It is a common interest of every Party to provide Delegators with help and guidance, esp. in their first steps with staking and understanding the novel system of “Managed Rewards Distribution”.
  3. Should the Delegator’s stake address be selected, they have the right to redeem the reward from the “Margin for Rewards Distribution” up to the amount of the triple staked amount being staked to related pool (DIOx). Either complete amount of “Margin for Rewards Distribution” is sent to the account or the triple of the original stake is sent on the stake-linked address, whereas the smaller of mentioned two amounts is dispatched.
  4. Delegators have right to report inconsistency in announced and delivered amount from the Managed Rewards Distribution Programme. Delegators agree to do so in 10 days since the event happened. Not reported or later reported events are understood as expired and don’t bound Providers with the rewards distribution obligations.

5. Providers’ rights and obligations

  1. Providers are honoured, respected and are providing the novel stake pool service in the time and matter capacity, adequate to the event with the stake pool and in the community.
  2. Providers are obliged to process Delegators’ queries from article 4.4) and to provide information or additional service within 30 days from receiving the report.
  3. Providers are entitled, to withdraw the unallocated remainder from the Managed Rewards Distribution Programme.

6. Service Description

Accounts Definition – following list names and describes pool related accounts that are used for internal operations and are named: Reward Account(s), Distribution Account, Tax Accounts:

  1. Reward Account(s) – pool own account(s) with related stake key for collection of fixed and margin fees. Reward accounts charge distribution accounts for available coins allocation in Managed Rewards Distribution Programme.
  2. Distribution Accounts – accounts with the main purpose to provide a “single-transaction” payment. Selected address needs to be linked with the stake key and Dionysus Stake Pool Group and needs to have minimum of live stake, defined in par. 8.2.
  3. Tax Accounts – accounts belonging to Providers and comply with taxation intents.

7. Duration of the Service

  1. Stake pool services, incl. Managed Rewards Distribution are provisioned until 31st December 2035.
  2. Individual service to the Delegators is provided during the time of active staking key, with application of exclusions & restrictions from the following chapter.

8. Exclusions and Restrictions

  1. Stake keys of Cardano Foundation (CF) and Input-Output Global (IOG) are blacklisted and, therefore, removed from the Managed Rewards Distribution Programme.
  2. Service of Managed Rewards Distribution isn’t provided to accounts with stake amount lower than 25 ADA.
  3. Service mandate for Managed Rewards Distribution to the Delegator(s) expires once the stake-key(s) associating Dionysus Pool Cluster has / have been destroyed.
  4. Delegator who behaves aggressively against other Delegators, Providers or other members of the community or who misbehaves on the social networks may be blacklisted from the Managed Rewards Distribution Round. All delegators are asked to be kind and fair.
  5. The web-site information as well as the current and future representations, the correctness, results, reliability or use of the related resources, is provided on the “as is” basis. Providers reserve right to modify the web-site and related stake pool system conditions towards security, stability and availability, with priorities treatment in the same order.

9. Providers Exclusion Clause

  1. Providers, hereby, pledge not to directly participate in the staking process via any amount of eUTXO wallets, delegated to any of Dionysus Stake Pool(s).

10. Taxes

  1. It is each Delegator’s responsibility to comply with the tax laws that apply in their respective country of tax residence. Providers do not deliver nor are they mandated or obliged to provide any tax advice and are not responsible for Delegator’s failure to comply with local tax regulations in the countries of their residence.

11. Further provisions

  1. Additions or amendments to this document are in strict authority of Providers. Such additions or amendments can be conducted only via posting on https://dionisus-pool.io and its respective sub-pages. Should the parts of this document be invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.
  2. The invalid or unenforceable provision(s) should be replaced by provision(s) that reflect(s) the staking process of the Parties as close as possible.

12. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

  1. This staking relationship shall be governed by the Swiss law. The sole place of jurisdiction is Zurich. The submission of a third-party complaint at the court competent for the main proceeding in Switzerland remains reserved and agreed by the parties.

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